The Elvis Bird

A Benjamin Miles Mystery

Benjamin Miles is a southern-born ornithologist working at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. But don’t call him Benjamin. Call him Miles; everyone does. Miles is on the trail of the presumed-extinct Ivory-billed Woodpecker. Late one evening, listening to wildlife recordings made by his colleagues in the Okefenokee, Miles overhears a conversation instead of the sought-after kent call or double-knock of an Ivory-bill. When the conversation ends abruptly with a gunshot, Miles suspects murder. Curiously, he soon discovers that no one in the on-site expedition is missing. When his mother suddenly becomes ill, Miles decides to return home to Georgia to care for his mother, search for a murderer, and join his colleagues in the search for the Elvis Bird.

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Praise for the Elvis Bird

Part mystery, part love story, The Elvis Bird is the suspenseful novel of birder & college professor Benjamin Miles who is on a quest to solve a murder that may or may not be real —  all the while looking for a bird that may or may not be extinct. Author David Woolbright has written a beautiful work that is at once insightful and a page turner.

The Elvis Bird is a gorgeously written, compelling mystery vividly set in the Okefenokee swamp and populated with characters as colorful as its wildlife. Its humor matches its suspense, making for a delightful, page-turning read you won’t soon forget!

Elizabeth Stark, author of Shy Girl